Cơ sở vật chất

Thien Tam Thao Co., Ltd, started from 2016 until now, locates at:
No. 3, Lane 90, 422 Luu Xa Street, Duc Giang ward, Hoai Duc district, Hanoi.

With a production area of 300m2, applying 4.0 technology for industrial process of Cordyceps cultivation including 12 strict steps.

The annual yield is currently reaching nearly 300kg/year, with uniform quality of up to 90%, the main indexes of each lot are Adenosine and Cordycepin that being 2-5 times higher than those of Korean, China, China, Thailand and domestic products. (From 3-5 mg/g after analysis)

The mechanical systems is also constantly updated by Thien Tam Thao (mainly imported from Germany and Japan) to ensure optimal production and better quality. Especially, we maintain the system of ultraviolet disinfection machines, aseptic autoclave system, the cooling mist spraying system for humidity creating, the “sunlight” system, the analysis system for seed, substrates and monitoring the growth of Cordyceps…

In addition, Thien Tam Thao is also upgrading its application system after production of raw materials as well as coordinating with partners to produce optimal products to serve customers. With products that have been clinically tested and appreciated from customers such as Cordyceps soup for health recovery of patients, Cordyceps water – the only royal bees wax in Vietnam , Cordyceps alcohol for male physiology enhancement (virility, spermatogenesis…), Cordyceps tea bag enhancing health and creating a new tea-rewarding trend (Thien Tam Thao will launch the Cordyceps tea showroom system, some special healty drinks from Cordyceps…), products supporting cancer treatment are promising clinical trials in the near future

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